Thursday, November 13, 2003

My English 302 class is reading a book by Krauker, called Under the Banner of Heaven. It is about Mormon fundamentalists, and why they believe so strongly in their "religion." As we have now finished the book, and read it to its entirity, I can honestly say it was an interesting, page turning book. I would recommend people reading it for the pure sake of enjoyment. It is an easy read and keeps you entertained and interested throughout. My husband use to travel on business alot to Salt Lake City, Ut where he became friends with a Mormon. The Mormon tried to get my husband intereseted in his beliefs, by taking him to the temple, giving him the book of Mormon, etc. They remain friends today and when my husband goes to Salt Lake, they invite my husband over to their house for dinner, so I have begun asking what they do, what they talk about, what if anything is weird or different? My husband said the only funny thing that really goes on that is kind of worth noting (in terms of their persuasiveness and charm to get you to convert to Mormonism) is when you go to visit the Temple and the areas around there, people (Mormons)greet you to give you information on their religion and answer any questions you may be having, but my husband said the funy thing is all the women there that greet the men are incredibly good-looking. They are in good shape, all done up to look nice, ect. I found that to be interesting, it just goes to show the Mormons are using their brains in all areas to do whatever it takes to convert any individual.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The other day in my English class we had Mormon visitors. They came to teach us why they believe in what they believe. They were interesting to listen too, but I think very contradicting in some instances. They believe other churches and religions have fallen away from the real truth and they claim they know of this real truth, but couldn't explain it. They "pray about it." It seemed to me when Elder John didn't know a question a student would ask, it was because God hadn't "revealed" this to them yet. I think their way of thinking is very eccentric. They pray about every major life decision, which is fine, but they wait for a revelation from God. What I found odd about this is he compared these revelations to walking down the hall and remebering something you forgot to do. I left class feeling more confussed than when I entered. I know 1 hour isn't long enough to learn about why anyone believes what they believe, but instead of clearing anything up for me, they confussed me more. Maybe I will have to wait for a revelation to understand-oh that is right, women can't have revelations! Does anyone know why the clergy or whoever are called "Elders?"

Monday, October 27, 2003

Life's not fair. How many times have we all said and heard that? But it really isn't! Why does one person work his butt off and get no where but the other does much less and gets the praise in the end? I believe it all comes down to whose butt gets kissed along the way. Everything in American society is about kissing ass. In order to get anywhere in life in this country you have to be a smooth talker regardless of how you perform. RIDICULOUS! What is this society coming too? I guess it doesn't matter how smart you are or how well you do your work, what matters is how well you kiss the boss's rear!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I moved to Virginia a little more than a year ago. I began my college courses a year and a week after I moved here. I waited for a full year in order to have in-state residency. I applied for in-state and I was denied, because I did not pay income taxes. I did, however, buy a home and a car in the state, therefore pay taxes in that respect. I appealed the decision to deny me in-state tuition, and was once again denied. I am EXTREMLY frustrated with these decisions. I am trying to better myself, and whoever is making these decisions to deny me, are making it very difficult because I can't afford an extra $5,000 a semester to be classified as out of state. I'm so close to graduating, I don't want to quit, but who can afford this extra money? It's ridiculous!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The weather in D.C. this past week has been wonderful. The air has been brisk and cool. It is a welcome change from the heat and humidity of this summer. It makes it much more pleasant to do outdoor activities. It puts you in the mood for the fall holidays. Halloween is just aroud the corner and Thanksgiving isn't far behind.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Today in English class we learned how to set up and use a BLOG.
A hurricane blew into the Washington, D.C., area this past week. I have never before experienced a tropical storm like this. Where I'm from there are tornadoes. Tornadoes seem to be more frightful to me than the tropical storm I encountered on Thursday evening.

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